Farming is a journey. Every step of the way, no matter how long you’ve done it. It rarely takes you where you expected, will make you seriously question yourself at some point, drops you off somewhere beautiful…and you’ll need to take a nap when you get there.

Leaf, Petal & Pod Farm is no different. We started this company three years ago out of love and passion. Feeling the need for soil under our fingernails (and in the cracks of our hands, and lining our pockets, and somehow, inexplicably, in our socks at the end of the day), we banded together to create a small-scale food growing enterprise.

In our first year, we grew at our current garden site across the street from Ten Thousand Waves. About mid-season, we began a small, unofficial CSA – giving food and veggies to close friends and family. Each year we grow a little bit, then take some steps back to evaluate where we’ve ended up.

A Spring garden at our Umami site.

As we begin our third year in business, we are a bit surprised where things have taken us. Our CSA has grown from TWO (shout out to LPP sister, Clementine!) to THIRTY! We are still growing food at our original garden site, but this year, instead of growing our vegetables for CSA, we will be primarily bringing these veggies to the wonderful cooks at Izanami. We are teaming up with Green Tractor Farm this year to help us balance our workload and give us a season to focus on our prepared foods and dial in our systems.


We are thrilled to be making our prepared foods in a new commercial kitchen this year. We are looking forward to the upcoming experimentation with new tasty and healthful snacks. Our focus with our prepared foods is to create items that inspire our members to cook. Whether it be through a delicious broth or a novel dressing, we want our friends to be excited when they get into the kitchen. We want our prepared foods to be tasty, fun, and created with vibrant wellness in mind.

Talk about journeys!

What began as our love of growing food has come to encompass our passion for community and connecting people to wellness.

Feet in the dirt, heads in the ether, hearts right here with you!

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