Connecting Through Food

Both of us have lived in many different places. In each new place and with every move, we have had to create new communities, tap into the culture of where we’ve moved, and forge new friendships. This process can be painful at times, and while it isn’t exactly “easy,” it is always beautiful and invigorating when you realize that you’ve put down new roots. Since discovering the world of sustainable agriculture and wellness through food, we have both felt a calling, a connection, and a new sense of home.

One of the most amazing things about growing food is that you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. People all across different social boundaries have experimented with a home garden, can remember their grandmother making fresh strawberry jam, or think fondly of their local farmer’s market. While issues around food can be very political, a truce is often called when you talk to people about getting your hands dirty and growing vegetables.

The same can be said for wellness through healthy eating. While, of course, everyone has a personal view of how this is true for them, so many people are interested in “being healthy,” in preventative medicine, and, quite simply, in feeling good in their body.

These connections and conversations that happen through food are inspiring, refreshing, and keep us motivated both in the kitchen and in the garden.

Since moving to Santa Fe several years ago, the ladies of Leaf, Petal & Pod have felt honored to continue the work of growing and producing food that helps to make connections in the community. Our CSA, in particular, has been nourishing for us as we deepen our connection to our town. Sure, we love being able to serve our CSA community, but we also feel so fortunate to have this amazing group of people who “feed” us in turn through their kindness, appreciation, and the wonderful things they do for our city.

Isn’t it incredible what can happen when we connect through food?

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