Wholesale Produce

If your interested in ordering or learning more about our Wholesale Produce, please contact us at leaf.petal.pod@gmail.com

Our goal is to reliably supply restaurants and caterers with fresh specialty produce. To that end, we grow a small variety of crops that we know we can count on for abundance and resilience so you get the finest produce we have to offer.

If there is an item you would like us to grow, please let us know and we would be happy to look into providing that crop for you.

Products that we offer include:

Item Season (approximate)
Frisée Spring, Summer, Fall
Yellow Squash Summer
Zucchini Summer
Squash Blossoms Summer
Edible Flowers Mix Spring, Summer, Fall
Cut Flowers Summer
Briton Shiso Spring, Summer, Fall
Lettuce Mix Spring, Summer, Fall
Salad Mix Spring, Fall
Beets (yellow and red) Spring, Summer, Fall
Radishes Spring, Fall
Turnips Spring, Fall
Chard Spring, Summer, Fall
Kale Spring, Summer, Fall
Mizuna Spring, Fall
Sprouts and Microgreens Spring, Summer, Fall